This application is designed to improve and motivate students to improve in academic success and overall standing as a student athlete.

Avatar Sustainable Technologies

We are a technology company commercializing technology developed in the University. We specialize producing fermentable sugars from refuse.


We embed charity into your daily activities. Through micro donations, social media and data mining we make charity better for all involved.

Elbow Room

We are creating a people counting infrastructure that gives real-time analytics using the number of people in a location.

Life Choice Meals, LLC

Life Choice Meals is a complete line of frozen meals delivered to the home for those with Diabetes, Heart Conditions and Bariatric Surgery.


MarketVuze provides insightful data and interactive visualizations for the purpose of financial analysis.


Makeup device that helps women extract 30% of cosmetics that are currently unusable due to poor design.


Creating dynamic manuals based on the products you use.


mySkills enables students challenged by reading comprehension to use personal experiences to engage with reading material.


OneCard is an outsourced loyalty card for small businesses giving businesses the tools to grow together and increase profitability.


Providing automotive enthusiasts a clean, safe, professionally equipped workspace to complete their repairs and improvements.

Platypus TV

Platypus TV time-stamps conversations around television episodes, providing a shared viewing experience no matter when you watch.

Queue The Future LLC

Local Engagement and Discovery. We connect people who are nearby and allow them to communicate and discover what is going on around them.

Refuse 2 Lose Inc.

We are a nonprofit organization that is bringing martial arts to those that cannot afford it as well as providing community events.


We want to design, distribute and sell portable, high performance, sailboats in a new and modern way to change the way you view boating.


seeingSOUNDS combines quality sound with innovative, and appealing light visuals in a sleek, fun speaker for everyone.


SunRazors bring clean solar electricity to Mexican villages through a sustainable micro-finance solution pared with social entrepreneurship.


SYRBazaar is an e-commerce site selling products designed by Syracuse University students and alumni.

The Halo Beverage Co.

We are looking to change the way consumers look at rice milk by making a better tasting and more nutritious product than currently offered.


Bringing the Greek life community together one person at a time.


Tricky is a social media and trick sharing app for skateboarders that offers contests and mobile video sharing.


Uvalue is a proximity based marketplace for college campuses. We allow students to buy, rent, and sell their items locally on campus.


Vuelo provides riders with an open front jumping boot that provides supreme protection and support.


At Wishr we believe shopping is more than a two-step process. Find, save, and share the products you love. Together let's End Bad Gifting.